KELLYN REIN is a Research Associate at the Research Institute for Communication, Information Processing Ergonomics (FKIE) at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Europe's largest applied research organization. Her particular research interest is in the analysis of various manifestations of uncertainty in natural language and how that affects information quality and reliability for situation awareness and intelligence. Following a bachelors in German philology, a masters in Management and a masters in Computer Information Systems, she received her doctorate from the University of Bonn in which she developed a methodology for automatic generation of evidential weights for information extracted from English text. Dr Rein's interest in information quality and fusion began a project on automated threat recognition for the German Luftwaffenamt, during which she began investigating text-based uncertainty in HUMINT and OSINT.She has also been involved in numerous NATO STO Research Task Groups, including one on analysis and communication of risk and uncertainty in intelligence; mission assurance and cyber risk assessment for unmanned autonomous system; and currently chairing a task group on multi-level, multi-source information fusion. In addition, Dr Rein delivering talks on uncertainty and context in natural language as part of two NATO Lecture Series, and as co-chaired a symposium on enhanced information dominance through fusion of hard and soft information.

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